As I Said:10

There are two trees and one man riding a bicycle past them
The first tree sticks out its tongue and lays it on the man's lap
The man grabs hold and hangs on and the tree says
I don't like it when you do that to my tongue
but the man cannot hear. He is so curious
The other tree looks down at the ground and wonders
when will this be over?
The man on the bicycle sits perfectly still, balanced
on two wheels and holding the tongue


Megan said...

i like the "many" typo. what happens if you change "man" to "many?"

you could just keep changing that word and simultaneously submit it to every magazine on the planet.

then every magazine will publish it and you'll be in all of them and you'll be famous.

Megan said...

was that rude? cuz i didn't mean it to be. i am being neurotic.

Meghan said...

The only thing that's rude is that Kathy isn't famous, and that's not your fault. I blame Jennifer Aniston. Sorry Kathy.