this is something that i think happened

there were 12 lizards in my shoe
we were on the beach
she was bobbling her head all around
she said are you pregnant?
i said no.
she said are you sure?
i said do i look pregnant?
she said no!...you are glowing

what if i really was glowing
i wouldn't need a lamp for my bedroom
if i was walking down a country road at night
i wouldn't have to put my arms out in front of me
because i had that feeling like i was about to walk
into a wall of darkness


crap dragon

i am crappy because there are no
red popsicles. either something is not
good enough and you want more or
something is really good and you want
more. it is good to give up.

dragons don't have the internet.
their emails addresses cannot fall in love.
oh another thing, if you think you have fallen
in love in cyberspace, it is really just your email address
falling in love with another email address.

my email address prefers scientists and actors.
it has a "type." it likes big eyebrows.
i was cold because the heat wasn't on
then the heat came on and i opened the window.
everyone outside is having a domestic dispute.
i am never going to get what i want.


my futon is nonflammable

something happened to me
i disappeared
i reappeared
this happens
my futon is broken
everyday i sit on a broken futon
hurts my tail
but i don't want to spend money on a new one
what a waste!


dragon poem and drawing by matthew savoca

dragons are green

i have been worrying a lot about money
it infiltrates even my gmail chats
that’s how you know something is
really seriously bothering you
when you start gmail chatting about it
incessantly, even
when you start to make inaccurate declarations of
that is, when your anger starts off justified
and ends up mangled like, say, The Club, in the hands of,
say, a dragon
for example:
i ‘hate’ not having money
i ‘hate’ having to get money
i ‘hate’ money
I ‘hate’ your mother
i ‘hate’ everything green
which is a ridiculous thing to say
because, i mean, it just isn’t true


last night

i woke up in the middle of the night
with 'sander's hand'
my hand hurt
from sanding
the dragons had their lights on
it was very bright.

i am only writing dragon poems from now on

matthew savoca and i are writing a chapbook of dragon poems. when it's done we are going to send it to presses that only publish 'serious' literature. i will tell you what happens. i don't know if matthew wanted to keep it a secret, but matthew if you did, don't worry. only like five people read this blog.

also! you should draw pictures of dragons and send them to me and i will post them on this blog. by 'you' i mean you. i'm talking to you.