last night

i woke up in the middle of the night
with 'sander's hand'
my hand hurt
from sanding
the dragons had their lights on
it was very bright.


matthew said...

dragons are green

i have been worrying a lot about money
it infiltrates even my gmail chats
that’s how you know something is
really seriously bothering you
when you start gmail chatting about it
incessantly, even
when you start to make inaccurate declarations of
that is, when your anger starts off justified
and ends up mangled like The Club in the hands of,
say, a dragon.
for example:
i ‘hate’ not having money
i ‘hate’ having to get money
i ‘hate’ money
I ‘hate’ your mother
i ‘hate’ everything green
which is a ridiculous thing to say
because, i mean, it just isn’t true

Kathy said...

that one is really good.