i have been reading emily dickinson's master letters, here are some of my favorite parts

God made me—(sir)—↑ Master ↓ I didn’t
be—myself—(He) I don’t know how
it was done—He built the
heart in me—By and by
it outgrew me—

I cannot (talk) ↑ stay ↓ any (more) ↑ longer ↓
tonight ↑ (now) ↓ for this pain

I’ve got a cough as
big as a thimble—but
I don’t care for that—
I’ve got a Tomahawk
in my side but that
don’t hurt me much,
(If you) Her Master—
stabs her more—

never minding (whatever)
so long wandering , ↑ if (out) ↓
to him at last—
Oh how the sailor strains,
when his boat is
filling—Oh how the
dying tug, till the angel