whatever it is they are against it

some of these poems are now posted on 3:am magazine.

thank you tao


As I Said: 13

I need to find a whale
to get swallowed by


As I Said:12

"If it holds my attention that is as close as I come to happiness."

"There is a dragon in the washing machine. It must have crawled in
through the drainpipe. Now all of my clothes will be the color of fire."

"I dreamed she died and he got married two weeks later.
When really, he's the one that is dead."

"Her brother died and she waited for him
to come back but he never did. Then she got mad."

"Once I took a bath in the dishwater. It was cloudy
and turning cold but I still came out much cleaner."

"That dragon is leaving scales all over the house."

As I Said:11


As I Said:10

There are two trees and one man riding a bicycle past them
The first tree sticks out its tongue and lays it on the man's lap
The man grabs hold and hangs on and the tree says
I don't like it when you do that to my tongue
but the man cannot hear. He is so curious
The other tree looks down at the ground and wonders
when will this be over?
The man on the bicycle sits perfectly still, balanced
on two wheels and holding the tongue


As I Said:8

At one point the whole house
was on Prozac
then she broke out in hives
and the fun was over
She just showed up one day
soaking wet and talking
We encouraged her to relocate
I said to her Tennessee is pretty
but I just feel like Iceland
is where I belong
My answering machine
always confuses voices


As I Said:7

As I Said: 6

A girl chased a porcupine
up a tree that kept getting taller and taller
I want those quills she said
but what do you think was up there?
Above clouds more branches

A frog carried the sun above the water
because a princess was crying
She chased the porcupine for so long she forgot
about the ground and then she was somewhere else

A prince and princess were in two different towers
and the wind pushed them together
Some people believe in God but it's not good
to focus on one thing like a dream
with only one person in it

That frog swam for hours to find the sun and it was heavy
A line is forming at the gate


As I Said: 5

As I Said:4

I walked in and my cat was in pieces
clawing and meowing and generally raising
sadness. I said to her did you know
microwaves can send the cancer right into you
even though there's that door
People never kill with their hands anymore
why is that? He just collapsed
He wasn't sitting too close to the computer
or standing in front of the microwave or anything
like that he was just leaning into the sink
brushing his teeth and then he collapsed

I walked in and my cat had scratched the wall
into a vitamin scored to hide a tiny gun


As I Said: 3

As I Said:2

Don't you hate it when
the answering machine light is on
but there isn't really a message
As soon as I walked in the door
I could tell a stranger
had been in the apartment
These are the things that
my therapist refers to as
irrational thought patterns
She dresses up to watch television
I washed all the dishes as clean as I could
but I could still tell that
someone else was around
Someone is always calling for Daisy
but Daisy isn't my name


As I Said: 1

these are the things that
make me shoot myself
Isn't it weird how
taking a half of a forty
of Celexa really is like
breaking bread
It even looks like a little
loaf, see?

this is not poetry

i named this blog after andrea rexilius, della watson, megan martin, meghan austin, and shannon mullally. they are brilliant. you should love them.

my first series of posts will be excerpts from a chapbook i am trying to publish. it is called As I Said.