As I Said: 6

A girl chased a porcupine
up a tree that kept getting taller and taller
I want those quills she said
but what do you think was up there?
Above clouds more branches

A frog carried the sun above the water
because a princess was crying
She chased the porcupine for so long she forgot
about the ground and then she was somewhere else

A prince and princess were in two different towers
and the wind pushed them together
Some people believe in God but it's not good
to focus on one thing like a dream
with only one person in it

That frog swam for hours to find the sun and it was heavy
A line is forming at the gate


Jack Morgan said...

I like this one very much.

I loooove your collage work. I am calling them collage. My favorite collage guy has been David Larsen for quite a long time. But you give him a run for his money, I do say.

Kathy said...

thanks jack. you have made me feel like a success for one moment. where can i find david larsen's collages? i googled him but all i found was a fundamentalist christian blog.

i would love to be in your journal. i'll email you.

Megan said...

send your effin' book out, katherine.

Anonymous said...

For real, Kathy. All of your poems make me feel like I know where my heart is.