As I Said:8

At one point the whole house
was on Prozac
then she broke out in hives
and the fun was over
She just showed up one day
soaking wet and talking
We encouraged her to relocate
I said to her Tennessee is pretty
but I just feel like Iceland
is where I belong
My answering machine
always confuses voices


Sarah said...

Is this poem about the girl who would not buy toilet paper?

Kathy said...

i'm insulted that you think my poems are "about" something. i am a conceptual writer, sarah. i write from the abyss. i write from the crevasse.

actually, i can't remember who it's about. it's probably from something i saw on television.

Sarah said...

I still don't have any toilet paper, and I'm running out of tissues.

Megan said...

crevasse means asscrack. this is totally about toilet paper. you write more brilliantly about t.p. than anyone i know.

speaking of which, can we have a field trip where we go t-p-ing in the suburbs?

Kathy said...

that is a perfect plan b/c i know sarah has a house she wants to egg.

Sarah said...

Hell to the yeah! This fits in perfectly with my Ravinia plan for Saturday.

Sarah said...

I have toilet paper now.

Tao Lin said...

your chapbook is good. can i read it?

Kathy said...

yes tao, thank you for asking. i will email it to you.