sorry i didn't catch you as you plummeted towards the earth--w4m

you: brown haired man wearing blue jacket and corduroys
me: woman in red hot air balloon

i was studying my split ends yesterday in my hot air balloon when i saw you pass by. the warm glint in your brown eyes made me forget all about my follicles. i bent down to find something i might offer you on your journey, like a crust of bread or a morsel of cheese. it is always good to offer men food. but when i stood up again you were gone.

i wish we would have had a moment to talk. there are so many things i wanted to ask you. like, did you jump or fall? do you need an oxygen mask? do you have any siblings?

i am hoping you got snagged in a tree. if you are still alive and have made your way back to civilization, call me. actually though, there is no phone in my hot air balloon. but you could have a skywriter write me a message. tell me what color shirt I was wearing so i know it’s you.