poems are evaporating

the issue of we heart four things that shane jones did featuring me, blake butler, brian foley and zachary schomburg evaporated from the internet. i'm not sure why. does this mean i can send those poems to someone else? i don't think so. here, i will just put them right here. no one reads poems on the internet anyway.

yes or something like wow

i haven't been waiting for you to come back.
i mean, i know what is taking so long.
you have been reincarnated into scrap metal.
it's not something you should feel bad about.
i don't feel bad. well, i mean
i saw a thing about this girl that eats staples.
she finds them in the carpet. she can't stop
from putting them in her mouth.
she says her favorite food is pizza.
i think she forgets about her passionate
metal eating. like, totally forgets it.
she really thinks it's pizza that she wants.

so i know why you've been away.
something shiny or like,
heavy maybe.
something like yes or maybe wow

three weeks later

i tried writing him twice.
my hands turned to glass and
he chewed them. i remember

when he was a constant.
we fell in love while watching television,
then he ate it.

i tried writing him but so much
blankness. i couldn't feel
my mind i was floating.

i forgot the difference between him
and his twin. i saw his
face in the street and it didn't know me.

i had to smash it with my teeth,
everything went soft.
three weeks later he ate a robot.


Kelly B said...

i read poems on the internet. stumbled upon your blog. I like this first poem

Anonymous said...

You have an unhealthy relationship with staples lol...a common theme in your poems!

Unknown said...

I liked this a lot :) i read poems on the internet to, obviously. So have some hope. I just started a poetry blog, its called writingmywrongsforyou.blogspot.com
It would mean a lot to hear what you think about some of it !