the stranger

i woke up to find my husband had been replaced
with an unrelated man.

someone called, i said.
"who was it?" the stranger replied.

i am not sure if someone
really called. it was late evening i think.

i think this phone is not
my phone. probably we are on a different continent.

i am going to dye my hair, i said.
"i have taken all of the knives from the bathroom,"

the stranger replied. i feel like giving up.
i am going to watch television.


John G said...

How odd, I was imagining Jesus shaving his beard in your bathroom while throwing down rhymes on an iPhone. I was pooping at the time and was like, "Dude, go shave somewhere else. It's my potty time" I am not sure why I used your bathroom. I am sorry if I left a mess. But the hair in the sink is definitely from the Son of Man.

D, J, G said...

jg you are way obsessed with jesus. do you need to start going back to church or something?

Kathryn said...

yeah john you are becoming the main character from wise blood i think. don't burn your eyes out!

matthew said...

heyo hio im in county cork ireland

Kathryn said...

matthew savoca

Daniel Bailey said...

this is good.