As I Said: 3


Megan said...

hey i remember that collage! it looks really cool on here!

Sarah said...

I thought this was just something you pulled off the Internet and then I yelled at you, and now I feel like a jerk.

You are creative and interesting.

Kathy said...

that is not an angel it is a gorgon. you are a jerk.

but you're pretty.

Megan said...

i like that you are now "kathryn regina." pro-fessional. you could be any kind of pro-fessional with that name: golfer, exotic dancer, envelope-stuffer. you are a true poet now, kathryn.

Kathy said...

i wish benicio del toro would come over to my house for dinner.

or tao lin. either one.

Jack Morgan said...

Can you make good vegan meals?
Maybe he will.
You should invite him for an amazing vegan dinner. Like tofu dolphin Parmesan. Tolphin.

Darah, John & Guthrie said...

oh benicio.

this was a good way to utilize my grown up time this morning.

do you think i'm a crazy stalker because i found this?

i've got mad skills

Kathy said...

there's no one i would rather be stalked by. i was going to tell you about this blog anyway so that you could see it and see that i linked to you. and little guthrie.

so how did you find it? also, any new s on tommy strow or his siblings?