crap dragon

i am crappy because there are no
red popsicles. either something is not
good enough and you want more or
something is really good and you want
more. it is good to give up.

dragons don't have the internet.
their emails addresses cannot fall in love.
oh another thing, if you think you have fallen
in love in cyberspace, it is really just your email address
falling in love with another email address.

my email address prefers scientists and actors.
it has a "type." it likes big eyebrows.
i was cold because the heat wasn't on
then the heat came on and i opened the window.
everyone outside is having a domestic dispute.
i am never going to get what i want.


matthew said...

big eyebrows

Sarah said...

This is pretty.

matthew said...

this poem implies that you want a domestic dispute

Kathy said...

the title of my next poem will be "this poem implies that you want a domestic dispute"

thetiniestspark said...

your email address is in love with peter gallagher's email address. as is mine.