i want to know you

i love speaking french and listening to albums in the sun.
what are your favorite things. what kind of teeth grow
on your back porch. i want to know everything.

when you were growing up did your grandmother heat
the furniture? mine did. there were always fires
lit under the couch. the cat wore a helmet.

i want to know things about you so that i can feel
that i know you and that there is a you.
i am against the idea of a decentralized self.

for example, when i was in haiti i discovered beach balls.
this is a clear memory. if i was holding the beach ball
then there is a me to hold the ball and to remember holding the ball.

see. you know what i am saying. i love your brown hair.
you feel like email to me. i could lay down inside your long
sentences. i am always waiting for more from you.

i like it when the sunlight refracts off your eyebrows.
your eyebrows are like dark flames lighting your forehead.
i want to know every fire you have ever lit

and every house you have ever haunted.
do you have the internet in your pinkie?
i heard this about you. every time i sit down

i feel the internet coming up my legs.
it is a sensational feeling. do you have feeling
in your legs? see, i want to know everything.

tell me if you feel your feet. tell me how much sadness
there is in your body and where it is located.
tell me if your hands ever spark at night.

i want to know everything about you.
what kinds of trees appear in your dreams
and what whale is beached in your room when you wake.


ryan manning said...

i like this very much

Colin Bassett said...

i do too, yes

Kathryn said...

aw thanks boys

matthew said...

the asian ryan manning

Daniel Bailey said...

this is fucking awesome.

jillian said...

i enjoyed reading this

i want to know everything about everyone

i write a lot of poems about this

Shane Jones said...

best poem ever.

Kathryn said...

wow thanks everyone. now quit it.

jereme said...


i am sorry but i like your poem too.

french. yes.

and this should send you a random email notification


Kathryn said...

jereme email yes

ryan manning said...

i like to imagine this poem is written for me or that someone will write a poem like this for me or at least feel this way about me

BlogSloth said...

Update more often, I beg you like microwave popcorn, like blur.


emma said...

this is really good. i like it a lot.