"where i am the sky/is not. away"

i read the latest issue of fence at a bookstore the other day and i really liked this poem by michael comstock. the title is "LOVE, YR EXILED SON" and i said to my friend, gah why do writers do that 'yr' thing. i don't get it. is it some kind of club? like oooo i'm so cool, i've read robert creeley, i'm going to spell things like him. and then i read it and realized it was actually referring to text message language, and also that the poem is awesome. and also that possibly i am not very educated because i still don't know why writers do that robert creeley thing.


Ron said...

It was Ezra Pound who started this (Creeley was copying him) -- it makes the text feel informal & intimate, like a peek into someone's notebook. It also gives the sense (something of an illusion) of making the poem go faster, as tho it wants to hurry through the words. My own use of "tho" and "&" can be traced back to the same source, actually.


Kathryn said...

holy crap ron silliman just commented on my blog.

the first blog i ever read was ron silliman's blog. it was in a postmodern poetry class and i honestly thought that 'blog' was a word invented by ron silliman. i had never heard of a blog before. later i found out that my sister-in-law's brother, evan williams, actually co-founded the company that created blogger.

good story, right?

bill said...

i love that poem!