"i used to use mousse in my hair. that was when i liked good charlotte."

brandon scott gorrell did a funny interview with matthew savoca. it is mostly about hair.

sometimes i call him brandon scott etc. instead of brandon scott gorrell because i feel tired and confused by the end of his name. i hope he likes this is and is not insulted. i have never spoken to him so he may not appreciate me having a nickname for him already. it is not 'appropriate.' whatever.

i got sick just now at target. twice actually. then i took a cab home and now i feel shaky. the cab driver was not a safe driver. i should not go to target anymore.


brandon said...

hi everything is okay

Kathryn said...

haha excellent

Lisa Ladehoff said...

i love how everyone is talking about that, and about hair-washing.
gchat, who knew.