i feel like this right now

sometimes when on fire i say,
“someone should answer the phone” and
“i am not going to answer the phone.”
then i hear a woman yelling.

i am not going to serve copper pennies
at dinner. i feel calm and then i feel wrenched.
i feel like i am the refrigerator and you are the window.
it is only today that i learned what a fire axe is.

what if you had a yellow orb of light for a head.
i would very much like going to sleep with you.
oh can we go to sleep? i have been waiting
for permission to break the moon with an axe.

when i am on fire i don’t feel obligated
to do the dishes. i do not even take out the trash.
i lie on the couch and smolder.
this is not my fault.


Shane Jones said...

i like this

Alicia Pernell said...

this feels familiar... not the "i'm on fire" kind of familiar, but it is quirky like my personality.

i guess i'm just trying to say what shane jones already said: i like this.