i saw a dead bird in the road today

there is a house on the water
made of dead birds
their open beaks hatch the roof
and their eyeballs are doorknobs
their wings paper the walls
and their guts are sofa beds.

they watch home movies
and remember their childhood
the movies feature dead birds flattened
in the streets and dead birds floating in the water.
dead birds with soap bones, dead birds with
cloud bones. church bones. water bones.

birds that are alive swoop
on the house. they peck at the roof
and eat the muscle couches. they think
about how the ocean is better than the hospital.
birds that are alive do not like hospitals.
sheet bones. medicine bones. dream bones.

cult bones. eye water, white
film light. remembering while floating. black bird
funeral, blood funeral in water. bird tongue
on the table. eyes in the water.
brain in the sink. flat birds in the street.
song bone. beautiful flying bone.


Sarah said...

This is so pretty.

Neil said...

I tried to imagine sitting on a muscle couch. I could not help but to peck at it.

Megan said...

i love this. one of my faves.

Piercing The Veil said...

nice lines ... birds are everywhere to remind us that we are free with our own wings but that freedom is not eternal .. we will be dead and becomes flat and all will be left are bones