i don't see any tears

i think it's great that a woman and a black dude are running for president, but, for reals, why does everyone have to be so racist and sexist about it? like, any time obama puts any "flavor" into his speech people are like, "oh hells no! he's trying to be black now!" and this morning the big topic on talk radio was whether or not hillary clinton is sexy. they were saying things like, "do you notice she doesn't wear v-necklines anymore? she's trying to be asexual." and what is up with everyone saying she cried last week?

hillary is wonderful. back up.


D, J, G said...

ok, thank you. the 'is hillary sexy' thing bugs me. Namely because I'm not completely sure what this has to do with her ability to do, well, anything. Maybe she doesn't wear v-necks anymore because she doesn't like them. Maybe they're SO 2007. I personally like the v-neck, but I think it's possible someone might not. But also- it's winter. V-necks kind of suck in the winter because it's effing cold.

Back to my point-- there's always talk about how handsome the male candidates are or aren't (which I think is equally lame) but handsome and sexy are two very different things. Way to reduce women to their sexuality again pundit asshats.

And really, if I were getting as little sleep as Hillary I'm sure is at this point in the campaign I would be blubbering all over... oh... wait. I do and I am. Huh. Must be because I wear v-necks.

Kathy said...

i love darah.

Neil said...

I'm an American male ages 18-24 and while I try to empathize with what candidates are going through, I really do not put forth much effort in learning about each candidate. I know the black guy accepts civil unions amongst homosexuals, but is against gay marriage; the woman is pro-choice, but doesn't really care about the working man. As someone who could theoretically vote, I am more interested in the country when voting for someone who has the power to change the country.
But Hilary does have nice boobs.

Anonymous said...

She was barely tearing up at all and they made too big of a deal over it. And you know, Hillary Clinton is sexy for sure, classy older woman too. They've got a website about her sexiness--