i don't know how to get out of the sky

i am made out of electricity.
i am always disappointing you.
i am not what you wanted, i feel dizzy
at the south pole. i pant from disorientation,
it makes me sad how the magnetic fields are changing.
north and south are moving towards each other.
when they meet they will hang over the continents.
everyone will have vertigo and fall down.

i don’t trust the compass. north is not good enough
for me anymore. north is not what i hoped
it would be. i hope north feels very bad
about itself. and the guilt! north will become bloated
from eating its feelings and roll over into the east.
everyone will bleed from their ears and jump into the ocean.

good. i am pissed.

i smoked cigarettes until i got an ear infection. i cried and all the tears
went up my nose. i am pissed at you.
when a plane flies by i don’t know which way is east.
i cannot see the sun and don’t know which way is east.
i look at the compass but don’t believe what it says. electricity could be
involved. when electricity is involved you cannot believe anything.
it makes me dizzy having electricity around all day.
the altitude is killing natural magnetism. east is going extinct.
east is selfish and will never get married.
east smokes too many cigarettes.
east is fucking the north and having illegitimate children.

i am never going to get out of here.
the only way is down.

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