the hot air balloonist is sleeping

(a bear, a native american and an auto mechanic are in the balloon).

bear: did you see that chameleon float by? it was the color of air.

auto mechanic: this hot air balloon has a flat tire and a false bottom. i don’t like deception and i don’t like poor vehicular maintenance.

native american: there should be a word for water without a bottom.

bear: i wish that chameleon would come back. that chameleon and i had something. i hate it when that chameleon is offline.

hot air balloonist: i don’t have wi-fi in this hot air balloon. i think you have mistaken yourself for the internet.

native american: my eyes are water and my hair is water and my heart is water. my pillow is water and my liver is water and my teeth are water.

hot air balloonist: i don’t feel like writing right now. i am going to go swimming in the balloon pool.

native american: i am water and my people are water.

auto mechanic: if you hadn’t let all the air out we wouldn’t have this problem. now there is no air left and everything is blue. that is not right. things should be clear but instead they are blue.

hot air balloonist: uh-oh. this hot air balloon is not a duck boat.

bear: that chameleon has opened my heart in one thousand ways.


Frank Morgan said...

after reading 'the hot air balloonist is sleeping' I put some of my teeth in a tiny hot air baloon and sent them south for the winter.


Megan said...

haha. i think the native americans are our main character.