nothing good is happening online right now

q: what are you doing

a: counting the spaces

q: name one bad thing

a: waking up with you. waking up with the dent of you. going online at 3am and finding you still glowing. the milk cannot be touching anything else. it won't work. would you like to be face to face and not in cyberspace?

q: when i open my mouth you

a: turn down the music. the phone is always an unknown caller. the milk cannot touch the place "from whence it came." we were in the christmas aisle, casually, and then i woke up hollering. i wasn't crying, it was nighttime everything was blue that is why water gives that appearance.

q: christmas is not good because

a: quiet graves

q: when you say counting the spaces do you mean between plots or between words or between faces as in spaces have faces or do you mean

a: you shouldn't drink coffee at night because you will wake up with your mouth open and sometimes a sound will be coming out and you won't know it as your own until you realize the tv is not on and the alarm is not set.

q: and the phone is not ringing

a: she told her best friend. she said, my husband is in the mob. simple. then he shot her dead. it was me that time, he shot me dead. i was wearing his jacket when three bullets came through it. then i put the gun to my head. i said i love you i promise don't kill me.

q: so then you got up and went to work

a: my head is in different spaces. right now it is on the train traveling southbound. southeast, if you want to know exactly. everything that's lovely gives off light. her mouth in space at 3am, a moonrise.


Meghan said...

Kathy, a magazine I found at the airport held the following top-secret message for you:
"Tupelo Press
Dorset Prize
A prize of $10,000 and publication by Tupelo Press with distribution through Consortium is given annually for a book-length poetry collection. All finalists will be considered for publication. Submit a manuscript of 50 to 80 pages with a $25 entry fee by November 15. Send an SASE or visit the Web site for complete guidelines. (See Recent Winners.)
Tupelo Press, Dorset Prize, P.O. Box 539, Dorset, VT 05251. Jeffrey Levine, Publisher.

Meghan said...

Update: The airport magazine lied. You have until December 15th for that contest. Here's the info.

Kathy said...

meghan you are my agent. i think you decided this already and didn't tell me, but now i am making it official.

it's good to have an agent. i will be your agent as well. we will be famous and have all the cigarettes in the world.

Meghan said...

Excellent! Usually people make me their agent and then don't reciprocate. I don't think you'll make any money as my agent, but I think your poetry will be very lucrative and will make an excellent movie starring Angelina Jolie as Jennifer Aniston (in the role of her life!) It probably should go the other way around, but I'd really prefer to uh, work, with Angelina.