this is something that i think happened

there were 12 lizards in my shoe
we were on the beach
she was bobbling her head all around
she said are you pregnant?
i said no.
she said are you sure?
i said do i look pregnant?
she said no!...you are glowing

what if i really was glowing
i wouldn't need a lamp for my bedroom
if i was walking down a country road at night
i wouldn't have to put my arms out in front of me
because i had that feeling like i was about to walk
into a wall of darkness



i like things that 'i think' happened.

i also liked a lot your sleepingfish piece. most awesome

matthew savoca said...

this poem implies a deep painful longing for something in a counter intuitively way

Unknown said...

I like this poem very much. I just blogged about it.

LL said...